Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi

Dolphin AKA Mahi-Mahi

The fish so nice they named it twice. Known throughout the world for their acrobatic jumps and an unrivaled table fare. This pelagic species is one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean, with a voracious appetite (studies of captive dolphin have shown these fish to be able to grow to over 65 ponds in just 18 short months). They can be found and caught year round in depths from as shallow as 40 feet to depths in excess of 2000 feet of water. Though this may seem like searching for a needle in a hay stack the simple idea that predators can be found in close proximity to their food source allows us to target these fish in just a few short miles from shore on and around the numerous wrecks and reefs found just off shore of the St. lucie Inlet.

If your looking to catch a big one the spring months of April and may offer anglers the greatest chance of catching o 50+ pound fish.

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how We Target Mahi-Mahi

Kite Fishing

Perhaps most effective way of live bait fishing is known as kite fishing. Given adequate wind and current, this enables fishermen the ability to deploy upwards of six baits on two or more kites.

The kite acts as an enlarged outrigger keeping baits evenly spaced out off the port and starboard quarters of the stern. 

As the boat drifts the kite maintains even distance keeping the baits hanging from the kites at a constant interval. The kite not only keeps the baits spaced evenly but also allows for the most natural presentation of the baits possible by keeping all lines connecting the bait to the rod out of the water and the bait right on the surface. 

This makes seeing the bite before it happens very easy and exponentially increases hook-up ratios.

Trolling/Dredge Fishing

As effective as live bait fishing may be in certain areas of South Florida, Stuart is known as a border town between live bait and dead bait country.

When the fish are spread out over a larger body of water (north of our inlet) and drifting along with a kite or bump trolling with live baits simply does not allow us the opportunity to cover the necessary ground to target the fish effectively we will opt to troll.

Teasers or dredges are hookless apparatuses designed to mimic a school of bait following the boat. Dredges allow us the opportunity to pull 30 + baits per side from either side of the boat in an effort to attract otherwise lazy fish that would not show interest in the singular hook baits. 

Seeing a fish come to a teaser is truly a sight to behold


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