Marlin Charter Fishing

Marlin Fishing

By far one of the most coveted and sought-after game fish of all time. These amazing fish are the trifecta of speed, power, and aggression. These fish come into the spread with lightning speed and ferociously attack the baits they have set their sights on. If you plan to hook a blue or white marlin you better be ready and act fast. Once hooked these incredible game fish have the ability to pull hundreds of yards of line off the spool in a matter of seconds.

As impressive as their initial runs and jumps may be, the fight is far from over. These fish are powerful and do not give up easy. once the fish has calmed down and you manage to start getting line back on the spool you may think you have this battel won, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Boat side these fish these fish have been known to go ballistic, running, jumping and charging the boat in a last-ditch effort to free themselves. On several occasions these fish have launched themselves in to boats wreaking havoc with their bill and powerful tail.

A blue marlin is truly the fish of a lifetime. As with tuna though the occasional blue and white marlin may be seen and caught off the coast of South Florida for the greatest chance and opportunity to catch one, we recommend doing what is known as a corner trip of planning a multi-day excursion to the Bahamas.

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how We Target marlin

Kite Fishing

Perhaps most effective way of live bait fishing is known as kite fishing. Given adequate wind and current, this enables fishermen the ability to deploy upwards of six baits on two or more kites.

The kite acts as an enlarged outrigger keeping baits evenly spaced out off the port and starboard quarters of the stern. 

As the boat drifts the kite maintains even distance keeping the baits hanging from the kites at a constant interval. The kite not only keeps the baits spaced evenly but also allows for the most natural presentation of the baits possible by keeping all lines connecting the bait to the rod out of the water and the bait right on the surface. 

This makes seeing the bite before it happens very easy and exponentially increases hook-up ratios.

Trolling/Dredge Fishing

As effective as live bait fishing may be in certain areas of South Florida, Stuart is known as a border town between live bait and dead bait country.

When the fish are spread out over a larger body of water (north of our inlet) and drifting along with a kite or bump trolling with live baits simply does not allow us the opportunity to cover the necessary ground to target the fish effectively we will opt to troll.

Teasers or dredges are hookless apparatuses designed to mimic a school of bait following the boat. Dredges allow us the opportunity to pull 30 + baits per side from either side of the boat in an effort to attract otherwise lazy fish that would not show interest in the singular hook baits. 

Seeing a fish come to a teaser is truly a sight to behold


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